Advanced High School Statistics

MyOpenMath is a free online learning management system that makes it easy to share course materials, use pre-made slides and videos, have auto-graded homework (!), manage a gradebook, and much more.

We're happy to say that after lots of hard work by several people, we have made a complete AP Statistics course for MyOpenMath. MyOpenMath is an entirely free LMS that allows you to manage students, gradebook, calendar, and forums. The AP Statistics course includes Learning Objectives, Lecture Slides, Videos, Calculator Tutorials, and automatically graded Homework Sets (this is our favorite part! - numbers are randomly generated so each student gets a different version of same problem) for every topic. The ordering of the content corresponds to the open-source textbook Advanced High School Statistics, but it can be used with any text. It is also entirely editable/customizable for your purposes. You can reorder, edit, change all pieces to best suit your needs.

To use one of the course templates, follow these three steps:

  1. Go to and click "request an instructor account". Getting approved may take a few days.
  2. Once you have an account, login to your account, click the "Admin Page" button, then click the "Add New Course" button. (If you don't receive a confirmation email after a few days, try logging in anyways.)
  3. Where it says: "Use content from a template course", choose: "146 OpenIntro AP Statistics: Dorazio/Diez/Barr/Cetinkaya-Rundel". You will now have the course.

You can also see the full process in the following video:

As mentioned, all parts are editable/customizable by you to suit your particular course. We hope that this can be useful to you in some way! If you have any problems getting started or if you have feedback, send us a message with the link below.

Feedback on the MyOpenMath AP Statistics course template