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North Carolina Births (nc)

Data set on 1,000 randomly sampled births from the birth records released by the state of North Carolina in 2004. This data set has been of interest to medical researchers who are studying the relation between habits and practices of expectant mothers and the birth of their children.

  • fage: A numerical vector, father's age in years.
  • mage: A numerical vector, mother's age in years.
  • mature: Maturity status of mother.
  • weeks: A numerical vector, length of pregnancy in weeks.
  • premie: A categorical vector, whether the birth was classified as premature (premie) or full-term.
  • visits: Number of hospital visits during pregnancy.
  • marital: Whether mother is married or not married at birth.
  • gained: A numerical vector, weight gained by mother during pregnancy in pounds.
  • weight: A numerical vector, weight of the baby at birth in pounds.
  • lowbirthweight: A categorical vector, whether baby was classified as low birthweight (low) or not (not low).
  • gender: Gender of the baby, female or male.
  • habit: A categorical vector, status of the mother as a nonsmoker or a smoker.
  • whitemom: A categorical vector, whether mom is white or not white.
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