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Baseball Player Statistics (mlb11)

Data from all 30 Major League Baseball teams from the 2011 season. This data set is useful for examining the relationships between wins, runs scored in a season, and a number of other player statistics.

Data Source:

  • team: Team name.
  • runs: Number of runs.
  • at_bats: Number of at bats.
  • hits: Number of hits.
  • homerun: Number of home runs.
  • bat_avg: Batting average.
  • strikeouts: Number of strikeouts.
  • stolen_bases: Number of stolen bases.
  • wins: Number of wins.
  • new_onbase: On base percentage, measure of how often a batter reaches base for any reason other than a fielding error, fielder's choice, dropped/uncaught third strike, fielder's obstruction, or catcher's interference.
  • new_slug: Slugging percentage, popular measure of the power of a hitter calculated as the total bases divided by at bats.
  • new_obs: On base plus slugging, calculated as the sum of these two variables
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