What's Available
For Medicine

OpenIntro offers modern course management software. The software is free to both teachers and students. There is nothing to install. Register and start creating your course within 5 minutes. Course homepages are customizable to fit the content and needs of every course.

We also offer free IT support. If you ever have a question or comment, send David an email.

Question Bank
And Quizzes

Teachers may access the Question Bank, a place to save questions online and easily combine questions into quizzes and assignments. For medical courses that require mathematics, simple and complex equations can also be created using LaTeX notation:

$$ concentration = \frac{amount}{volume} $$ $$ volume = \frac{rate \times time}{calibration} $$

Don't worry if you aren't familiar with LaTeX. We provide an introduction on the Question Bank's Help page with dozens of examples.

The quiz tool makes it easy to run online quizzes for student practice and low-stakes testing. Quiz performance details are also provided to course instructors, a key tool for understanding which concepts require greater attention.

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