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Teaching Tools and Tips: First lab requirements for OpenIntro Stats
maritaob Sep 10, 2016 ReplyFlag

I originally "met" OpenIntro when I took a Coursera stats course, and I must have already downloaded the necessary files for Rmarkdown. Thus, I didn't realize that the Rmarkdown and statsr packages weren't that easy to find. I wonder if instructions could be provided in the first lab for the R version requirements and the commands?

For anyone who needs this, here are the commands for the necessary libraries:

install.packages("dplyr") ## load each time
install.packages("ggplot2") ## load each time
install.packages("shiny") ## load each time
install_github("StatsWithR/statsr") ## load each time

mine894 Sep 11, 2016 ReplyFlag
Hi Marita,

The statsr package is specifically for the labs in the Coursera course, hence we included the information there (but not on OpenIntro). While there is plenty of overlap between the labs for Courses 1-3 in the Coursera Statistics with R specialization and the OpenIntro labs, the Course 4 labs are not featured here since that content isn't covered in the OpenIntro books.

Let me know if you have difficulty finding these instructions in the Coursera courses. They are all available at the beginning of each lab, in the instructions.

maritaob Sep 16, 2016 ReplyFlag
Hi Mine,

Thanks for your response. I did find the information after I read your response, and I may have been an anomaly in trying to integrate the materials as I have in the first place. I hadn't realized the separation (when I was pulling the course together I was pleasantly surprised by the overlap and thought that I could thus follow OpenIntro).


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