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Teaching Tools and Tips: predicted pace for using OpenIntro for second Stats course for undregrads
maritaob Aug 25, 2016 ReplyFlag
I'm teaching an undergrad course for experimental psychology students that is titled "Multivariate Statistics", though the general purpose is to increase student confidence and breadth of stats knowledge for Stats techniques rather than focusing on advanced Stats topics like factor analysis and SEM. All students have completed a basic "Psychological Statistics" course that used a different textbook with a little exposure to R and Excel. Thus, students should have learned Descriptive Stats, basics of experimental design & hypothesis testing & different types of t-tests already.

I want to use OpenIntro as some background when they learn to use R for early/repeat topics (chapters 1-6) and then spend more time on new topics (ANOVA, Chi Square, and Chapters 7 & 8. I really like the labs and found some other freeware to learn R (swirl) that I hope will give them more practice before tackling an independent data analysis project using publicly available data.

Because many concepts in the earlier chapters (1-6) will be repeats for them as the focus on using R to solve problems, I thought that I would plan for a faster pace for these than outlined in courses that do the whole book in a semester. Does this seem reasonable? If so, does anyone have experience with a good pace for these earlier chapters?

David Aug 25, 2016 ReplyFlag
Hi Marita,

I think your plan of a faster paced early material makes sense given students' background, and covering the full set of material in a 15-week semester is feasible. If looking for more opinions, you might also post your message on the Statistics Teachers Google Group for more feedback from teachers:!forum/statistics-teachers/join

There's about a hundred teachers on that list, many of which use OpenIntro textbooks. If you do decide to post there, you'll need to join the group before you can post a message.


P.S. Great to hear you're enjoying the labs!

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