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Feedback on Resources: OpenIntro Statistics, Third Edition Updates
David May 24, 2015 ReplyFlag
We're launching a 3rd Edition of OpenIntro Statistics in July! Info about what changes to expect has been listed on the following page:

If you have any questions that aren't answered there, just post the message to this thread and we'll get back to you here, usually within 24 hours.

mbutler615 Jun 09, 2015 ReplyFlag
Is it possible to get the Chapter 5 material early? I am teaching out of the text for the first time and would love to use the material that had only the t-distribution in it.

David Jun 09, 2015 ReplyFlag
Sure, I've just posted the latest draft of the Third Edition at

This is the entire text, but be aware that since it's in draft form, it does contain comments and there may still be some additional updates to that chapter before it is complete later this month (though things in Ch 5 won't change much more). Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have any comments on the current draft.

rsteytler101 Jan 05, 2017 ReplyFlag
Hi David,

Hope this finds you well. I am looking for a intro to statistics course. I was recommended to try OpenIntro.

From the look at the textbook it seemed that you guys are more advance. Am I at the right place if I am looking for an introductory statistics course?

David Jan 05, 2017 ReplyFlag
Hi, all of our books are for introductory statistics. Two are for the college level and one is for the high school level. The high school book is "advanced" since it was built specifically for supporting courses focused on the Advanced Placement exam, but really it could be used for a general high school stat course.

If you are looking for a course and not just a textbook, then the set of Coursera courses by Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel would likely be a nice fit:
rsteytler101 Jan 06, 2017 ReplyFlag
Thank you David,

Will check it out and get back to you,


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