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Teaching Tools and Tips: Course content and timing
robertmhamerphd Jul 25, 2014 ReplyFlag
I am about to teach (starting August 15 or so) an ONLINE version of our Biostatistics 600 class, an introductory class taken by graduate students in our School of Public Health, with occasional undergraduates. I have never taught this course using OpenIntro, so the course is getting a complete revision this Fall.

The semester contains about 16 weeks, but since there is a "Fall Break" as well as "Thanksgiving Break," I'm counting it as about 14 weeks. (Were this my lecture format class I'd break it up by lectures.) I'm not having any online synchronous real-time lectures or discussions because I will wind up with students in multiple time zones.

Do any of you who have taught from this book before have a feel for which chapters move fairly quickly and which move fairly slowly so I can appropriate spread the material over about 14 weeks?

Bob Hamer

For those of you who have taught
YibiHuang Aug 17, 2016 ReplyFlag
Hi! Bob,

I myself never taught a Biostat course but I keep a close eye on good course websites on Intro Stat and Biostat.
A good Biostat course website by Prof. Patrick Breheny in U of Iowa is great.
This might be a helpful reference to you.

Yibi Huang
Dept of Statistics
University of Chicago

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