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Open-Source and Community Projects: Translation into other languages
lsbastos Jun 05, 2014 ReplyFlag

I am a researcher at a Public Health instution in Brazil, and I am using your material in my courses (book, labs, etc). The experience so far has been great, however some students have problems with English, so I wonder if there is any thoughts on translating the material. If there isn't, would you guys be interested? I would be happy helping translating the material (at least the book) into Portuguese. I could maybe even get some funding do it from Brazilian agencies.

David Jun 05, 2014 ReplyFlag
Thanks for your message. We are interested in translations, and we need bilingual people like yourself to support these translations! Want to email me at <my first name> and we can discuss in greater detail?

David Jul 08, 2015 ReplyFlag
If working on a translation, the Third Edition of OpenIntro Statistics was just released, and the files are all on GitHub:

Let me know if you have any questions on navigating the files. A brief overview of the main changes are at

rmorais May 04, 2017 ReplyFlag
Hello guys,

It looks like it's been a long time since the translation project has been discussed. I would like to know if they had some improvement? I started to translate the chapter 1 to portuguese because I have plans to use this material here in Brazil.

PS: I'm using the Third Edition

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