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Feedback on Resources: What changes do you want to see?
David Feb 17, 2014 ReplyFlag
Prompted by a thoughtful suggestion on featuring statistical software for use with finding tail areas (, I wanted to start a thread dedicated to creating a list of ideas that our staff should consider for textbook updates, supplementary videos, or other free "online extras".

What topics do you think need updating, change, or additional explanation?


P.S. This thread won't ever be "closed", so even if it's been awhile since the last post, please add your thoughts!
Hollsam Mar 27, 2014 ReplyFlag
I tried compiling a EPUB file format from the Latex source files, but got some error during compilation on my Linux system and I am not familiar with Latex. May I ask for a favour would you generate a EPUB file format please?

I tried the comment of ℯaphink's:
David Mar 29, 2014 ReplyFlag
Hi Hollsam, this is a tough task! We've tried to generate an epub version in the past, but we also have run into problems. For now, we'll continue focusing on the PDF and inexpensive paperback options. If new options to make an epub version in a reasonable way becomes available, we'll pursue it.
sunnycpp Jul 17, 2014 ReplyFlag
Exercises are heavy on backward references. Example exercise 4.51(Page no 211) is having dependency on exercise 4.23 (Page no 204).
davidlaffie Jul 17, 2014 ReplyFlag
I'm not totally certain what your question/suggestion is. Do you find backward references annoying? Would you like to see them eliminated altogether? Partially?

They do provide a way of efficiently presenting the concept to students that once a question is answered, there are frequently more questions that can be answered using the same data and that data itself typically presents the investigator with unlooked for/unthought of results.

Could you clarify/expand your comment a little so we can see what you actually are suggesting?

David Jul 17, 2014 ReplyFlag
Thanks for the feedback! It sounds like one thing we should be doing is introducing the full background for an exercise in each exercise rather than back-reference, even if that results in subsequent exercises repeating some background context.

sorfanos Dec 13, 2015 ReplyFlag
My first thoughts after reading parts of Advanced High School Statistics last night:

It would be interesting to experiment with adding a more advanced layer on top of what's currently in the textbook.

For example, instead of mentioning integrals in the footnotes, it would be great to provide links to a parallel pdf where concepts are defined using Calculus and where the inquisitive and daring student can find precise mathematical arguments.

This would require lots of work, but it would be worthwhile in my opinion.
lberry Dec 29, 2015 ReplyFlag
Hi! Thanks for asking for input. I would love to see the provided slides line up with the new version of the textbook.
HairyLarry Aug 19, 2016 ReplyFlag
Has anyone already added closed captioning to all of the videos for OpenIntro Statistics? I’ve been searching, but all I’ve found so far are the “scripts for many of our videos” that’s in the Overview section of:
If our university chooses to go with this text we are required to make all of our videos ADA compliant. If its already been done and they are available, I don’t want to waste our resources. But if it hasn’t been done yet, and we do go with this textbook, it could be our contribution for everyone else to use (it’s the least we could do for such an excellent Statistics textbook – and I’m not kidding about that, I think this is the best Statistics textbook I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been teaching Statistics since 1995 and looked at a LOT of textbooks).
fosters Aug 20, 2016 ReplyFlag
Adding to the question about captioning, above, have there been any other accessibility audits of this text? I'm engaging in one now, and will be happy to contribute that feedback into the project, but would very much appreciate not having to recreate the wheel if someone else has already done this work. I'm using WCAG 2.0 AA level standards.
David Aug 20, 2016 ReplyFlag
I think the current captions are the auto-generated ones, which aren't terribly reliable. That said, we'd love to include better captions! I believe we can add a caption file for a video. If you wanted to create captions for one video, we can upload it to verify it's appearing as expected. The caption format options for YouTube are described at

I believe in the past the textbooks' PDFs have been used with screen-readers, though we didn't receive any follow-up feedback on this. If you do have feedback on how well this does (or doesn't) work, we'd like to hear it!

To coordinate on any items above, you can reach me at my first name followed by Thanks for asking about this!

dgresko Oct 04, 2016 ReplyFlag
I feel that this book is really targeted towards the "math person" and not the average Joe. Taking an intro to stats course and finding this book is complicating matters more than anything. Just the opinion of a stats newb.
David Oct 04, 2016 ReplyFlag
I'm sorry it hasn't been going well, and thank you for bringing up that it's been tough. If you have the time, I have questions to help us better understand where we might make changes that would be useful. I'm guessing you are using OpenIntro Statistics, but let me know if you're using one of the other books.

*** Top Questions ***

1. Which chapter(s) have you gone through so far, and which chapter(s) are you finding most difficult? Was there a particular point at which things got much more difficult?

2. Are there any topics that seemed tough that you still found understandable? (Basically, that were unusually good relative to other topics.) Any guesses about what worked better in the book with these topics than with other topics?

3. If you could have us add more of something, what would it be? For instance, would it be good to have more worked-out examples? Would it be videos that are focused on solving specific problems? Or something else?

*** Secondary Questions (less critical) ***
If you have the energy to answer a couple more questions. (If not, no worries.)

4. Have you tried out the supplementary materials? Examples: videos (not a huge selection yet), software labs, lecture slides, or other materials? If so, have these helped with any of the concepts? If not, do you think they might help? (Also, if you hadn't tried these, was it because they were hard to find?)

5. What is your preferred learning style? Examples: read to learn, watch a lecture, watch examples being solved, work through exercises on your own, work through exercises with a friend, etc.

Also, feel free to email me directly if you'd rather not go into detail in the Forum; my contact info is on the About page (, David Diez). Getting feedback on where things aren't going well is critical to improving our products, so we greatly appreciate any feedback you have!


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