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Teaching Tools and Tips: Answers?
fineswag Jun 02, 2013 ReplyFlag
Is it possible to have a copy of the answers to the practice problems at the end of the chapter?
David Jun 02, 2013 ReplyFlag
Thanks for your question. Odd-numbered solutions are available to everyone in the textbook's appendix, and even-numbered solutions are available to verified instructors.

To become a verified instructor:

(1) Register as a teacher. It is highly recommended that an academic email address be used for the registration for reasons that will become clear momentarily.
(2) The email confirmation of the registration will contain a link to activate the teacher account. Click this link.
(3) Elect to apply for verification.

The single requirement for a successful application: a link to an official academic webpage, such as a faculty page, that confirms the email address associated with the application is in fact an instructor's email address. Applicants who provide such a link are usually verified within 24 hours.

Alternative options for verification are available, but they take more time, e.g. we can call a school to verify the provided email address is associated with an instructor.

Once an instructor is verified and has logged into, a highlighted link will become available at the bottom of the Textbook page ( This link provides access to all even solutions for end-of-chapter exercises.
David Jun 18, 2013 ReplyFlag
I just added a new webpage to clarify the instructor verification process:
joypoddar Oct 07, 2017 ReplyFlag
Is there any possibility for a student to get the same benefit?
David Oct 08, 2017 ReplyFlag
Not currently. A more complete explanation on our policy is at


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