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Teaching Tools and Tips: How to find Figure Code and Data
David Oct 23, 2017 ReplyFlag
Data can be found in the link for "Data Sets" on the textbook page. Shortcuts to the Textbook page for our books:

The zip file of data sets contains guides for OS3 to help you track down which data set is relevant to the chapter or exercise you're looking at. We haven't yet created guides for ISRS1 or AHSS1 (we welcome contributions from any individuals who are interested in creating this guide!).

To find the source code for a figure, you can look on Github (, or if for ISRS, in the downloadable source files. Here's an example for finding Figure 1.44 in OS3:

1. I'll note what the caption for the figure reads: "Side-by-side box plot (left panel) and hollow histograms (right panel) for ..."

2. I'll navigate to the source file for OS3 ("openintro-statistics" project), then navigate to that chapter's folder (ch_intro_to_data), then to the TeX folder. Since this figure is in the main text, I can look in the file withOUT "ex" in it's name (unless I'm looking for exercises).

3. I search for a snippet of the text, e.g. "side-by-side" until I find the figure code and the place where the figure files live: ch_intro_to_data/figures/countyIncomeSplitByPopGain/countyIncomeSplitByPopGain.

4. Now I navigate to that directory (back up to the chapter's main folder, then into the figures folder and finally into the countyIncomeSplitByPopGain folder.

5. From here, I grab the source files or the PDF of the figure itself. If just wanting a copy of the figure, you can also take a screenshot of the figure.

You can also try skipping step 3 and just go to the figure folder and poke around until you find the figure of interest along with it's code. Note that if you are looking for an exercise's figure, browse in the eoce figures folder (eoce = end-of-chapter exercises).


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